The Allen County Employee Clinic is:

  • Available to employees and dependents covered by County Health Plans
  • Staffed with licensed medical professionals
  • Located in the Garden Level of Citizens Square, Suite 010
  • Confidential (ALL HIPAA rules apply, no medical records/information is shared with your employer)
  • By appointment only
  • Free for employees enrolled in Plan 1; For those enrolled in Plan 3 or 4, $27.50/visit & $4 for prescriptions
  • Available for following types of services:
    • Illnesses - sore throat, sinus infection, earache, cold/flu symptoms
    • Generic medications used to treat many illnesses/chronic conditions diagnosed at the clinic are available free for Plan 1 participants and for $4 for Plan 3 & Plan 4 enrollees.
    • Allergies, Poison Ivy, Rashes
    • Minor sprains/strains (non-work related)
    • Physicals - preschool, sports, daycare, camps, etc.
    • Wellness/Preventive - weight loss, smoking cessation, allergy shots,
    • women's health, newsletters
    • Health Risk Assessment (HRA) - through Lutheran Health Network - includes blood work, questionnaire, and physician consult