Beginning in February of 2008 and concluding in May of 2009, Allen County's Elected Officials and Department Heads, along with their staffs, worked on creating a Strategic Plan for the County. To our knowledge, this Strategic Plan is the first of its kind with respect to county government in Indiana. Participation in the project was voluntary and demonstrated cooperation among separately elected office holders and appointed Department Heads, working towards a shared community vision and mission, and common County-wide goals. Twenty five offices and department participated in the plan.
As the project progressed with the help of an outside consultant, it did not take long for this to become an internally driven project with the creation of a Strategic Plan Executive Committee. Most traditional local government strategic plans are community development plans; this initial plan took the path of being an internal "business" plan for each department. This resulted in over 400 department-level objectives proposed to be completed over the next five years! All of the submitted department and office objectives, activities and tasks, and measures have been compiled strategic plan document to be updated yearly.

We are proud to say that the 2009 Strategic Plan was the recipient of the Association of Indiana Counties annual award for County Achievement presented to Allen County at the association's annual convention in September 2010.

On behalf of the Strategic Plan Executive Committee and 1,600 full and part-time employees of Allen County, we thank you for the opportunity to serve you, the residents of Allen County.

If you have any questions or comments about the Strategic Plan, please forward them to Pat Fahey, Chairman of the Strategic Plan Executive Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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pdf2010 Allen County Strategic Plan


pdf2009 Allen County Strategic Plan

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