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pdf2018 Candidate Guide

pdf2018 Campaign Finance Manual

pdf2018 Disclaimer Brochure

Candidate Filing Forms

PLEASE NOTE: A candidate declaration of candidacy or petiton of nomination for an election in 2018 may not be filed with a county or state office for processing until January 10, 2018.

pdfCAN-2 Declaration of Candidacy for Primary Nomination in 2018

pdfCAN-3 Declaration of Intent to be a Write-In candidate for 2018

pdfCAN-12 Statement of Economic Interests for Local and School Board Offices

pdfCAN-16 Town Office Declaration of Candidacy by a Democratic, Libertarian, or Republican Party Candidate when No Town Primary is Conducted in 2018

pdfCAN-34 Petition of Nomination and Consent for School Board Office Election in 2018*

pdfCAN-37 Declaration of Candidacy for Precinct Committeeman or State Convention Delegate**

* Petitions of Nomination for School Board Offices cannot be filed until July 25, 2018.

** Democratic Precinct Committeemen will be selected in 2018. Republican Precinct Committeemen will be selected in 2020. 

Additional State forms and information


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