Meeting Notice:  Allen County Board of Commissioners

Per I.C. 5-14-1.5-5(c), notice is hereby given that the Allen County Board of Commissioners will hold its Legislative Sessions at 10 a.m. each Friday throughout 2016. The meetings will be held in the Council Courtroom, Suite 035, of Citizens Square, 200 East Berry Street, Fort Wayne.

Should a session be canceled, notice will be provided as soon as the information is available. 



Commissioners' Legislative Session
10:00 A.M., Friday, January 29, 2016
Council Chambers Courtroom – Citizens Square


  1. Consider approval of the minutes of January 22, 2016.
  2. Recognition of Mark Herber, Shinisha Grayson and John Caywood – Allen County Civil Service Award.
  3. Consider approval of agreement between the Board of Commissioners and ESCO Communications for video arraignment equipment and installation on behalf of Superior Court. Cost - $6,700.94.
  4. Consider approval of updated community service contracts on behalf of Community Corrections.
  5. Consider approval of Change Order # 3 – 8 for Bethel/Till/Huguenard Rds Intersection Improvement (Roundabout), Project # 1200207. Total Cost - $9,279 (Increase).
    1. Change Order # 3 – Cost $0.00 -Reason for Change: Contract completion time extension adjustment due to weather (June Record Rainfall)
    2. Change Order # 4 – Cost $4,650.06 (Increase) - Reason for Change: Additional Guardrail installation cost due to NIPSCO & Frontier Utility relocation conflicts with planned guardrail installation location.
    3. Change Order # 5 – Cost $3,500.00 (Increase) - Reason for Change: The planned24" x 24"x96" concrete light foundations were modified to be 36" diameter x 96" diameter due to construction methods.
    4. Change Order # 6 – Cost – $99.00 (Increase) - Reason for Change: Two additional street signs were added at the request of the Highway Department in order to adequately guide motorists.
    5. Change Order # 7 – Cost $ $530.77 (Increase) - Reason for Change: Due to the completion time extension adjustment granted in Change Order # 3 – additional maintenance of traffic was required to complete construction.
    6. Change Order # 8 – Cost $500.00 (Increase) - Reason for Change: Due to NIPSCO (relocation conflicts with the planned guardrail installation location) an additional mobilization & demobilization for seeding was required.
  6. Approval of Warranty Deeds for Ryan/Bruick – Dawkins to US 24, Project #1300313
    1. Parcel 5 – City of New Haven
    2. Parcel 18 – B. Schmucker
    3. Parcel 21 – J. Schmucker
  7. Consider approval of Right of Way Grants for road conversion on Castleman Rd from Morgan Rd to State Line Rd and Moore Rd from Castleman Rd to Dead End.
  8. Consider approval of Sign Request for Muldoon Rd from Winchester Rd to Ferguson Rd, requests is from Sheriff's Department and residence.
  9. Consider approval of claims submitted for payment.
  10. Other Business:
  11. Approval to waive the 2nd Reading on any matter approved today and for which it may be deemed necessary for the Legislative Session of January 29, 2016.
  12. Comments from the Public.
  13. Motion to Adjourn.


Contact Info

Citizens Square, Suite 410
200 East Berry Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

260-449-7555 Phone
260-449-7568 Fax
260-449-7671 PIO

M-F 8:00 am - 5:00 pm