A Sales Disclosure is needed for every new deed submitted to the Auditor's office. There is a revised Sales Disclosure form to be used beginning December 2011.

As of December 2011 the revised pdfSales Disclosure must be used. The form was revised by the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF). These forms are used by local assessing officials and the state for a variety of purposes including sales ratio studies, equalization, and annual market adjustments (trending) for assessed values in non-assessment years.  Also, certain exemptions can be filed on the new Sales Disclosure form without having to file a seperate exemption form. Clicking on the link above will take you to the newest downloadable version which can be filled out online and printed off. There is a $10.00 fee for filing a Sales Disclosure that is not exempt. Sales Disclosures are also filed along with contracts and other documents.

Have you moved from a property that you were previously receiving the Homestead Deduction on?  If so, you must notify the Auditor's office that your previous property is no longer being used as your Homestead.  Please complete the Change of Use on Property Receiving the Homestead Deduction form by clicking the link below.  Upon completing and submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email that your form has been successfully submitted.  If you would rather complete the form by hand, you can print and return the form to the Auditor's office by email, fax, standard mail, or in person.

Change of Use on Property Receiving the Homestead Deduction Form

Finance and Budget Duties

The responsibilities of the Finance & Budget division of the Auditor's office are as follows:

  • Distribution of taxes/liens to the respected taxing unit or taxpayer.
  • Deposits all quietuses (from revenue) into appropriate funds
  • Budget preparation for County Council
  • Maintains cash ledger for all 40 departments including more than 240 funds
  • Processes additional appropriations and transfers
  • Maintains County financial statements
  • Processes Bond payments
  • Administers all funds and grants within the County
  • Audits and produces checks for all claims (commercial, jury, welfare, election, utility, employee reimbursement, tax refunds) for Accounts Payable
  • Prepares and issues 1099s
  • Tracks fund investments
  • Prepares Annual Report

Payroll Responsibilities:

  • Maintains County employee files including service records, job classification, and wage scales
  • Audits and pays all insurance bills
  • Prepares employee paychecks for all 40 departments
  • Maintains employee tax information (W-4s)
  • Advertises employee salaries annually
  • Withholds and makes payment of taxes to Federal Government and Indiana Department of Revenue
  • Maintains and makes quarterly payment to Public Employee's Retirement Fund (PERF)

Introducing MPATI Allen County Treasurer's Mobile Public Access Tax Information look up. Working in cooperation with the Allen County GIS team, the Allen County Treasurer is pleased to present this tool for your tax information needs.

Get MPATI for your phone or mobile device. In your mobile device's browser, type acimap.us/mpati once you are there, bookmark the site for future use. If you have a windows device, you can also find the MPATI app at the windows phone store.

When MPATI is launched, you will begin on the search page which looks like this:


On your mobile device, you touch the magnifying glass to begin your search if you know either the property address, Tax ID number or Duplicate number of the property.

Touch the map icon and then the search button which looks like this: search button to use your device's GPS capability to find your property's location when you are at the property. (Note: Your device's GPS capabilities must be active for this option.)

At any time you may return to the search screen by tapping the blue bar at the top of the page you are viewing.

With MPATI you can check tax amounts, see the assessed value, download a tax bill or property record card or you can pay your taxes anywhere in the world by check or Credit Card with funds drawn on a U.S. bank. (Note: There is a convenience fee for use of a Credit Card.) Downloaded tax bills can be presented to Treasurer Office tellers to pay. The downloaded bill will be scanned, payment collected and a receipt will be issued in the Treasurer's office.

Helpful Links:

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If you are a builder of a single family residence, single family townhouse, or a single family condominium and hold these properties for sale in the ordinary course of your trade or business, you may be eligible for the Residence in Inventory Deduction per IC 6-1.1-12.8. This deduction may be claimed on the assessed value of a qualifying structure beginning with the assessment date of March 1, 2012, and later years. An application must be filed for each assessment date for which the property owner wishes to receive the deduction.  A property owner may not receive this deduction for more than three residences in inventory in Indiana for a particular assessment date.

Residence in Inventory is real property that is not a model residence as defined in IC 6-1.1-12.6-1; and consists of a single family residence, single family townhouse, or a single family condominium unit which has never been occupied. This does not include the land on which the residence, townhouse, or condominium is located.

Eligible applicants are entitled to a deduction from the assessed value of the structure(s) in the amount of 50% of the assessed value of the residence in inventory for:

  • Not more than one (1) assessment date for which the residence in inventory is assessed as a partially completed structure.
  • The assessment date for which the residence in inventory is first assessed as a fully completed structure; and
  • The two (2) assessment dates that immediately follow the first assessment date.

Please click on the link below to access the deduction application and instructions. The completed deduction application can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , faxed to 260-449-7679, mailed or delivered in person to 1 E Main Street, Suite 102 Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802.

pdfResidence in Inventory Deduction


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