Each year a number of properties in Allen County revert to County ownership due to upaid property taxes. These properties must first go through a Tax Sale and then a 120-day redemption period. This process is intended to give the owner every opportunity to satisfy their tax burden and keep their property. However, if the tax obligation is not met after being given ample opportunity, the deed reverts to the County. The Allen County Commissioners have established a separate not-for-profit corporation called the Allen County Community Development Corp. (ACCDC) for the purpose of managing and selling these tax-reverted properties through a fair bidding process.

Following the Auditor's Tax Sale in September or October in the fall, it takes approximately six to eight months for the unsold tax-reverted properties to be deeded over to the ACCDC around April or May in the spring. They are then added to our inventory of properties and are opened for bid and sale on an on-going, year-round process.

It is the goal of the ACCDC to rejuvenate and positively impact our neighborhoods and the community at large by converting blighted areas of vacant and disrepaired houses to areas that will be occupied by responsible home owners. We encourage our buyers to take pride in their new property and keep it properly repaired, maintained, clean, attractive and safe, as well as to stay current with their tax and utility bills. We hope to strengthen these neighborhoods so they once again will become places where families can grow and thrive.

Customer Properties:

Below are a few ACCDC properties that customers have purchased and have done a great job in repairing and remodeling to turn them into beautiful homes to be proud of. Good job!

Click on a photo image below to open a larger "after" photo as well as a "before" photo:

3409 3709 835 3629

541 4604 3102 1753

3030 2835 2002 2902

514 922 3001 4411


Please let us know when you have completed remodeling work on your house. We would love to see the results of your hard work and we would love to post "after" photos of your house on our web site for everyone to see and enjoy.

Read What our Customers are Saying:

Please send us a letter to tell us about your experience with buying an ACCDC property.

Click on a photo below to read their letter:

lance amy juliette


Allen County Community Development Corp.
200 E. Berry Street • Suite 170
Fort Wayne • IN 46802-1239
Web: www.accdc.us

Please contact our managers with questions or requests for information or assistance.
Call during business hours: 9:00 - 3:00 Tuesday & Thursday - or leave a voice message after hours.
Email us anytime.


Angie Bjorge
Operations Manager
Tele: 260.449.3276
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Click on the picture below to open a PDF file of the current ACCDC PROPERTY LIST. You may view the list here on-line, or print it, or download it to your computer. Check back often since this list is updated frequently.

property list


Click on the 1st picture below to open a PDF file of THE PROCESS, a summary of the information contained on THE PROCESS page of this web site. Click on the 2nd picture below to see it in Spanish (currently out of order for updates):

process en process es


Click on the 1st picture below to open a PDF file of the document titled IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON STRUCTURES. If you are considering bidding on a house or building, or if you have bought a house or building from the ACCDC, then this document will give some important information regarding your obligation to make repairs and maintain your structure. Click on the 2nd picture below to see it in Spanish.

structures en structures es


Click on the picture below to open a PDF file of the IDENTIFICATION VERIFICATION document. In order to bid on or buy property from the ACCDC, you will need to provide approved ID from this list. You will need one item from column A. If you cannot provide an item from column A, then you will need to provide one item from column B plus one item from column C.

id verification

The Process for Forclosed Homes/Structures is as Follows:

Property List:

First, you must obtain a PROPERTY LIST to identify and search for properties that you may be interested in. There are three ways to get one of our lists:

  1. A PDF copy of the PROPERTY LIST can be viewed, printed or downloaded from this web site on the DOCUMENTS & INFORMATION page (viewing the list in this manner will give you the most current and up to date information)

  2. The ACCDC office has a computer kiosk in the waiting room area for the public to use to view the ACCDC web site and the PROPERTY LIST. Other helpful information can also be viewed. Paper is available at the kiosk for you to write down notes, addresses, etc.

We encourage buyers to drive by the properties they think they may be interested in to get a first impression of the condition of the lot and house, the neighborhood, etc. to determine if they want to proceed further.

process 1




Authorization to Access Structure:

When you find a property with a house or building that you are interested in possibly making a bid on, we recommend that you inspect the interior to make an assessment of the condition of the structure and the financial obligation that you may be undertaking. To do so, you must make an appointment with one of our inspectors. You may do so by calling 260.449.3276. Once an appointment is made, you will need the following:

  • You must present a valid driver's license
  • You must complete Hold Harmless Agreement
  • You may not damage or remove anything from the property
  • Only adults 18 or older may enter a house or building

Minimum Bid Amount:

Each ACCDC property has a Minimum Bid Amount listed that is based on a formula calculated by the Allen County Tax Calculator system:

  • Only those bids made at this amount or higher will be accepted
  • The Minimum Bid Amount is NOT negotiable

Make Your Bid:

Interested buyer will have to complete a bid for which will include your contact information, the property you are interest in, and the minimum amount you are bidding.

The bidding process will open on a Tuesday and will end on the following Wednesday. The bid will go live and will be posted on facebook and our website.  You will have a chance to

increase your bid up to 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday of the first week and the closing bid will be accepted on by 11:00 a.m. on Wedneday of the following week. This will require you completing a new bid form with each additional bid.

When you turn in your final bid, we recommend bidding your maximum amount to increase your chances of having the winning bid. Once you turn in your final bid, we will put that bid in an envelope and seal it in front of you.

We will then hold a "bid opening" meeting, open to the public in the Building Department Conference room the next day, which will always be Thurday, unless otherwise indicated, at 11:00 a.m.

Once all bids are opened, the winning bid will be announced.  The winning bidder is given until the following Tuesday by 11:00 a.m. to deliver the bid amount in form of cashiers check or money order. If the winning bidder fails to deliver, the sa

sale will go to the next highest bidder.

Finalize the Sale:

As the successful bidder, you must meet with one of our manager to complete and sign an Indiana Sales Disclosure form. We will issue you a SOLD sign at that time; however, the sale of the property is NOT final until you receive the property deed made out in your name. A Quitclaim Deed will be issued, which may take up to 30 to 45 days following the submittal of your documents. After you receive your deed, then the sale is considered closed, and the property is legally yours. Congratulations!

IMPORTANT: DO NOT invest any money or make any improvements to your property until you receive the deed, making the property legally yours.

QUITCLAIM DEED: You will receive your Quitclaim Deed in the mail which will look like the sample document below. 


SCAM WARNING: Your Quitclaim Deed with your name, mailed to you from the ACCDC, is your official and legal document of record showing legal ownership of your property. Beware of any other organization, such as National Record Service, Inc., who may send you information implying that you need to pay a fee to them in order to receive an "official" or "certified" deed. That is NOT true.

scam warning

"AS IS" Transaction:

All ACCDC properties are sold as an "AS IS" transaction. There is no warranty or guarantee of any kind, either express or implied, regarding the condition of the real estate, its improvements, fixtures, utility systems, personal property, etc. THE BUYER RELEASES SELLER FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY RELATING TO ANY DEFECTS OR DEFICENCIES AFFECTING THE REAL ESTATE, and agrees to purchase the real estate "AS IS". Further, no warranties or representations will be given regarding the marketability of the title. Although all ACCDC properties receive a court order to clear the title, the Buyer will be responsible for obtaining any survey, title search, and cleaning any liens or encumbrances of record if any still remain.


ACCDC Office Hours:

Tues/Thurs 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Please keep checking our Property List for updates and vacant lots that are available.

Welcome to the ACCDC web site! You should be able to find helpful and valuable information on this site to assist you in searching for, bidding on, and buying ACCDC properties. We offer properties that have houses or buildings, as well as vacant lots. While the majority of our properties are classified and zoned as residential, we also occasionally have a few commercial buildings and lots. Please see our PROPERTY LIST on the DOCUMENTS & INFORMATION page for a complete listing of available properties.

Buyers of our properties include people looking to purchase a home for their family to live in, as well as landlords and property investors who are looking for houses to rent or to fix up and sell. Buyers of our properties also include people looking for vacant lots to expand their yards, space for their kids to play, space for gardens or even space to build a new house if the lot is big enough. There are a lot of possibilities.

Office Hours: 9:00 - 3:00 Tuesday and Thursday

The ACCDC office is located on the first floor in Suite 170 in the new CITIZENS SQUARE City-County government building at 200 E. Berry Street. There is a customer parking lot on the north side of the building off Clinton and Berry Streets, and there are metered parking spaces on the street around the building. Enter the building on either the north or south sides, and our department is located down the east hallway. Ask at the information desk for directions if you need help. We look forward to your visit! (Click on the maps below for directions)

location thumb


csq 1 thumb csq 2 thumb



Click on the links below for information related to the ACCDC as well as general information that you may find helpful:

Allen County • iMap GIS Data Viewer
Click on NEW Beta iMap Data Viewer, and then enter the property address or PIN number for the property you are searching for into the Search box (Hint: Copy the PIN number from the Property List by using the copy command, and then paste the number into the Search box by placing the cursor in the box and pressing the "Ctrl+V" buttons at the same time)

Allen County Building Department
Click here for contact information and to get information regarding building permits, inspections, etc. for remodeling and construction projects.
Tele: 260.449.7131

Allen County Department of Planning Services
Click here for contact information and to get information regarding land use and zoning issues.
Tele: 260.449.7607

City of Fort Wayne • Neighborhood Code Enforcement
Click here for contact information to get information regarding the assessment and enforcement of property violations, work schedules for repairs, etc.
Tele: 260.427.1324

Public Access Tax Information
Click here for Allen County property tax information.
Allen County Auditor's Office Tele: 260.449.7241
Allen County Treasurer's Office Tele: 260.449.7693

Fort Wayne City Utilities
Click here for information regarding utilities and services.
Customer Relations Tele: 260.427.1151



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