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The Clerk of the Circuit and Superior Courts is a county elected official who serves as an officer of the court and the manager of court information.

The Clerk administers the official court records for all trial court cases with jurisdiction in Allen County, prepares the permanent historical records for the courts, processes and issues various documents for court cases, and is responsible for nearly $34 million in financial transactions annually.

As a member of the Election Board, the Clerk oversees, conducts and certifies the results for all federal, state, county, township, municipal, special, and school board elections.

Our Duties:

  • Receipts filing fees, fines and costs for all court cases
  • Collects and disburses Child Support payments
  • Collects court costs and disburses judgment monies
  • Processes marriage applications and issues marriage licenses
  • Files and processes new cases for Civil, Criminal, Family Relations, Probate and Small Claims Divisions
  • Issues various court documents including arrest warrants, commitments, jailer's releases, protective orders, service of process and writs
  • Maintains the Judgment Docket and Record of Judgments and Orders
  • Oversees the maintenance and microfilming of court records
  • Prepares certified copies of documents
  • Generates notices for jury duty



                              *E-FILING UPDATES FOR ALLEN COUNTY*


***Allen County is expected to begin E-filing in February 2017. In the months leading up to this transition, attorneys and litigants should prepare by reviewing the information on the State's E-filing website found here.

***New Procedure for Civil Case Files (Case Types: CP, PL, CT, MI, CC, MF, GU, ES, EM, EU, and TR) and Criminal Case Files (All Felonies, XP, and PC). For these case types, litigants should no longer retrieve case files from the Clerk's office to file documents. Please review the Civil Case Notice found here and the Crimial Case Notice found here.



***The Indiana Supreme Court began a pilot program to establish Commerical Courts in Indiana.  Only certain cases filed after June 1, 2016 are eligible for this program.  For more information and related forms, please visit the Commerical Courts homepage found here




NOTICE: Cellular telephones, pagers, cameras, and other electronic devices are banned from the Allen County Courthouse, the Courthouse Annex, the Charles "Bud" Meeks Justice Center, and the Allen County Juvenile Center. If you bring such a device into the building, the Sheriff may confiscate and destroy it.

Lisbeth A. Borgmann

Lisbeth A. Borgmann
Clerk of Courts

Contact Info

Allen County Courthouse
715 S. Calhoun Street
Rm. 200A
Fort Wayne, IN 46802


Ph. (260) 449-7245

Fax (260) 449-7658

Hours of Operation
M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

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Clerk of Courts
Lisbeth A. Borgmann

Chief Deputy
Christopher M. Nancarrow

Director of System Operations
Mary Giant

Administrative Assistant
Michele Koop