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The Allen County On-Site Wastewater Management District's informational DVD is now available on our website!

In July, 2003, the Allen County Board of Commissioners, with support and guidance from the Fort Wayne - Allen County Department of Health, created the Allen County Onsite Wastewater Management District. This District was created to allow Allen County to utilize legislation permitting surface discharge systems for existing homes with no other options, as well as to enforce regular maintenance on all newly installed systems. September 20, 2004 was established as the effective date for the beginning of charging membership fees. Owners of all systems installed, repaired, or modified after that date become members of the District.
The District contracted with the Department of Health to provide many of the services required to be performed by the District. Each system is inspected when the operating permit is due for renewal. The homeowner is then notified of maintenance items which must be addressed prior to the renewal of the operating permit. The whole goal of this program is to prolong the useful life of an onsite sewage system, and to ensure the overall health of the community.

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