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A voter must provide government issued photo ID before casting a ballot.  The voter's ID must display the voter's photo.  The voter's name on the ID must conform to the name on the voter registration record.  Please note: conform does not mean match identically.  For example, people not only use their given first name or common nicknames for their first name but also substitute their middle name for their given first name. People also commonly substitute an initial for their given first or middle name.  Below are examples of names that would conform to "Robert John Crew":

John Crew

J. Crew



Robert John Crew

Robert J. Crew

Robert Crew

R. John Crew

R.J. Crew

Bob John Crew

Bob J. Crew

Bob Crew

The voter's ID must contain an expiration date, including Military ID's with expiration dates of "INDEF" and either still be current or have expired sometime after the date of the most recent General Election.

The voter's ID must be issued by the State of Indiana or the U.S. government.  In most cases, an Indiana driver's license, Indiana photo ID card, some State University IDs, some Military IDs, or a US passport is sufficient.  NOTE: The address on the voter's photo ID does NOT need to match the address on the voter registration record.

For more information, visit Indiana Voter ID.  

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