Hometown Security Starts at Home

Preparedness Kit

 Our county becomes better-prepared and more-resilient when we all do our part to be ready.

Preparing for the unexpected doesn't have to be hard.  Keep it simple.  Focus on the basics:  Be Informed; Make a Plan; Build a Kit; Get involved.  Visit http://www.ready.gov/ for some great ideas that you can make your own.   Get involved in your own hometown security http://allencounty.us/homeland/get-involved

50th Anniversary of Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak

palm sunday

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak which occurred across the Midwest - including Northern Indiana.  Much has changed since 1965.  Weather forecasting and emergency warning have been greatly improved, but one thing that hasn't changed is YOU.  Each individual has to make the decision to BE READY.  How will you stay informed?  Where will you go?  What will you take with you?  Take the time this Spring and make sure that you and your family are ready for the unexpected.  

Visit our Hazards Page for more useful information.

Indiana Severe Weather & Flooding Preparedness Week 2015

 Parrott Road

This is also Flood Awareness Week in Indiana.  Every year Allen County experiences riverine and flash flooding.  Flooding affects us all - especially when we travel.  Never drive through flooded roadways.  Never drive around barricades, they are there to keep you safe.  Pay particular attention at night and during your eary-morning commute when visibility is reduced.  Be alert, especially along the rivers for changing conditions.  Several inches of swift-moving water will float your car!


  Learn more about severe weather preparedness from the

National Weather Service of Northern Indiana  nws


tornadoes Clinton and Griswald

Severe weather can happen at any time in Indiana but the Spring and Summer can be particularly violent time for weather.  Sudden changes in temperature and conditions usually mean violent storms – some capable of causing severe damage and threaten our personal safety.  Take some time today to learn about severe weather in Indiana.  Find out how to prepare yourself and your family.  Once you’ve prepared, share what you’ve learned and done with your friends, neighbors and co-workers. 

To find out more about preparing for severe weather and floods, visit www.GetPrepared.IN.gov. Visit the Ready website at http://www.ready.gov/  or in Spanish at http://www.ready.gov/es .  For preparedness information in other languages visit http://www.ready.gov/languages

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Indiana Travel Status Mobile App is now available!

The State of Indiana has created a free mobile app to provide Hoosiers with county travel status updates and alerts directly to their mobile devices.

indiana travel status app

The Indiana Travel Advisory app is available to download for iPhone (https://appsto.re/us/QHVw4.i) in the App Store, and Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gov.in.traveladvisory) in the Google Play Store.

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