Think Safety during Harvest Time

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It's harvest time again and time to share the road with the larger farm equipment.  Our area farmers have worked hard this year.  Let's help them harvest their hard work and bring it to market safely this fall.

Be patient when traveling behind farm equipment; farmers have the same rights as automobile drivers to operate their equipment on the roads;

When approaching farm equipment from the opposite direction, pull to the right of the traveled portion of the road and allow the equipment to pass; 

Always be cautious when approaching farm equipment parked on the side of the road. Someone may be getting in or out of the equipment or performing maintenance;

Be especially vigilant in watching for farm equipment on two lane roads, and also around dusk when conditions can make the equipment harder to see; and

When passing farm machinery, look for left turn lights or hand signals. Be sure there is adequate distance for you to safely pass.

For more information on Harvest Safety visit the Indiana Department of Homeland Security's website.