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The Allen County Community Organizations Active in Disaster (AC-COAD) membership is made up of local businesses, community based organizations, faith based organizations, non-government agencies, government agencies, and volunteer organizations that are willing to assist in times of disaster.  AC-COAD is a resource for the Allen County Office of Homeland Security and local government to draw on member organizations for people, equipment, and supplies to help primarily with the Recovery Phase of a disaster.  The Response Phase is handled by emergency response agencies, but a request could come during this Phase as well.  Being a member of AC-COAD does not mandate that the organization has to respond to a request for help.  Responding to a request is always voluntary and dependent on the member's ability to respond at the time of the request.  AC-COAD is not open to individuals, please see the Volunteer Center and CERT pages for individuals interested in getting involved.  For further information, please please contact Brad Witte at the Allen County Office of Homeland Security at 449-4663.

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Indiana Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (Indiana VOAD) is the parent organization for county COAD's.  Their website is available here: Indiana VOAD