Get Prepared

Ready: Whenever. Wherever

Preparedness KitOur county becomes better-prepared and more-resilient when we all do our part to be ready.

Preparing for the unexpected doesn't have to be hard.  Keep it simple.  Focus on the basics:  Be Informed; Make a Plan; Build a Kit; Get involved.

We urge you to be Ready: Whenever. Wherever. This phrase is part of a campaign that is central to who Homeland Security is. It recognizes that violent acts and dangerous events can occur anywhere, anytime — often with little to no warning.

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Outdoor Emergency Warning Sirens

In Allen County, the outdoor emergency warning sirens are only activated in the event of an actual emergency situation (tornado warning, hazardous material spill requiring shelter or evacuation, etc.).  When you hear the outdoor emergency warning sirens, you should seek shelter immediately and tune into local media for additional information.

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Indiana School Safety

School Safety in Indiana is a community-wide responsibility.  It doesn't start and stop at the classroom door.  Students face many risks and hazards in their learning environment, whether in school, at home, on the sports field, or at leisure with friends and family.  We take a holistic approach to school safety and develop programs and processes which consider safety and security for the whole student.

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Travel Advisory System - Outlooks, Watches, and Warnings

The Travel Advisory System was adopted locally from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security Local Travel Advisory System.

This system consists of 3 levels.  These levels are designed to help provide residents of Allen County with accurate and actionable information so that you can make an informed decision about your personal travel during inclement winter weather.  We believe that the individual resident and local business owner is capable of good decision making when provided with this trusted and timely information.

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We are connected in our daily lives. Our leisure, our personal finances, our economy and our hometown security depends on a stable, trusted, reliable, safe and resilient cyberspace. We use these networks to communicate, travel, power our homes, automobile, offices, schools – just about everything we do – we do connected. Being connected also means more exposure and the potential for disruption, interference or illicit activity. We all need to take an active role in our own Cybersecurity.

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