Winter Weather Preparedness

Winter weather is coming.  Will you be ready?  Do you know the difference between a Winter Weather Travel Advisory, Watch or Warning?  Do you how cold the wind can make it feel?  It's time to review your winter weather preparedness plan.


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The leaves are just about done falling. The mornings are getting colder. Snow is in the forecast... Now is the time to plan for winter weather. Cold temperatures, heavy snow, ice all make for hazardous travel conditions. Visit the our winter weather section to learn more about winter weather precautions at

Then throughout the winter, use our Situation Awareness for Travel tab [on the right] for the latest weather and travel conditions information.

Indiana uses a standardized tool for assessing winter weather travel conditions. An advisory is issued when conditions are changing; i.e., ice forming on bridge decks or road surfaces, drifting across roadways, snow beginning to accumulate. A watch is used to communicate hazardous conditions occurring such as accumulating snow with forecast for more, significant icing, some roadways impassable due to drifting or timing of the snow. A warning is only issued when local resources are completely overwhelmed or travel would present a significant threat to the personal safety of our residents. A warning may not be issued without the Allen County Commissioners first declaring a local disaster.

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NWS Wind Chill Chart helps you to recognize the "feels like" temperature.  This is important when considering your safe exposure limits while outdoors this winter.