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 Hoosiers are urged to be “Ready: Whenever. Wherever.”

The “Ready: Whenever. Wherever.” campaign is a continuation of the US DHS “See Something, Say Something” campaign, which asks the public to be on the lookout and to report any suspicious activity to law enforcement. 

The “Ready: Whenever. Wherever.” campaign recognizes that violent acts and dangerous events can occur anywhere, anytime — often with little to no warning.

“Discussion, preparation and practice allows you and your family to stay calm in the event of an emergency, whether evacuation from a fire, or faced with threatening or violent behavior,” “This campaign is meant to help empower Hoosiers to live without fear and continue attending events and activities according to their comfort level.”

The “Ready: Whenever. Wherever.” approach asks Hoosiers to pause and consider potential safety risks in their surroundings and to identify possible actions they could take to increase their personal safety in the event of an emergency. 

pdfREADY:  Whenever. Wherever 

pdfLarge Events Preparedness Tips

pdfCollege Campus Safety Tips for Hoosiers 



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Ready America http://www.ready.gov/prepardness kit

Ready Kids http://www.ready.gov/kids

Pets http://www.ready.gov/caring-animals

Seniors http://www.ready.gov/seniors

Preparing for Natural and Man-Made Hazards

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