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Boy Scout Preparedness Program

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Emergency Preparedness Award


Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge

The Allen County Office of Homeland Security has a registered Merit Badge Counselor who can help troops and Scouts in Anthony Wayne Area Council teach and earn the Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge.  Contact our office at (260) 449-4663 for assistance.

pdfEmergency Preparedness Merit Badge Workbookmerit badge 1
pdfTroop Mobilization Plan
pdfAnnex A to Troop 1 Mobilization Plan

pdfEmergency Preparedness Merit Badge Slides


 Troop 86 and 124 Attendees troop 86 and 124 field expedient stretcher2  Troop 86 and 124 ICTroop 86 and 124 two man carry

Scouts from Troops 86 and 124 spent the April 10,11 weekend earning their Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge.  Boy Scouts have been learning to be "prepared" leaders in the NE Indiana Anthony Wayne Area Council for nearly-100 years.  These fine young men continue in that worthy tradition.  Being prepared to lead in any situation... and having the confidence in themselves, their skills and their fellow Scouts to do it!


Search & Rescue Merit Badge

pdfSummary of requirements for Scoutmastersmerit badge 2
pdfFEMA Incident Action Planning Guide (IAP)
pdfFEMA’s ICS 100 course (Modified for Boy Scout Troop)