In its continuing effort to offer the public easier access to county government information, the office of the Allen County Board of Commissioners has started the process of posting to the Internet contracts approved by the Commissioners.

Beginning with 2010 and going forward, all contracts which are approved and signed by the Commissioners at each legislative session will be scanned and added here.

This information is filtered by year and dates of legislative sessions. Agendas and minutes from each legislative session are also included to help people find specific contracts.

Filter file list:  
File name Size Last changed
05-31-2019.pdf 2.89 MB07-02-2019
05-24-2019.pdf 12.5 MB07-02-2019
05-10-2019.pdf 5.75 MB07-02-2019
05-03-2019.pdf 5.55 MB07-02-2019
04-26-2019.pdf 8.65 MB07-02-2019
04-19-2019.pdf 6.34 MB07-02-2019
04-12-2019.pdf 6.63 MB07-02-2019
04-05-2019.pdf 16.5 MB07-02-2019
03-29-2019.pdf 5.04 MB07-02-2019
03-22-2019.pdf 11.1 MB07-02-2019
03-15-2019.pdf 5.46 MB07-02-2019
03-08-2019.pdf 13.2 MB07-02-2019
03-01-2019.pdf 5.10 MB07-02-2019
02-22-2019.pdf 3.65 MB07-02-2019
02-15-2019.pdf 6.64 MB07-02-2019
02-08-2019.pdf 9.47 MB07-02-2019
02-01-2019.pdf 10.6 MB07-02-2019
01-18-2019.pdf 16.5 MB07-02-2019
01-11-2019.pdf 7.29 MB07-02-2019
01-04-2019.pdf 11.4 MB07-02-2019


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