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Unlike Real Estate assessments, Personal Property is a self-assessment system. The taxpayer is responsible for reporting all tangible personal property that is used in their trade or business, used for the production of income, or held as an investment that should be or is subject to depreciation for federal income tax purposes.

Filing Requirements and Procedures for Personal Property Assessment 50 IAC 4.2

Anyone who owns, controls or possesses personal property, with a tax situs within the state, must file a return
The assessment date for Personal Property is March 1st and the filing is due May 15th each year.
Amended returns are allowed within six months from the date of original return or November 15th. Only timely filed original returns can be amended. IC 6-1.1-3-7.5

Forms & Instructions

pdfForm 102
pdfForm 103 - Short
pdfForm 103 - Long
pdfForm 104
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docForm 102 Filing Instructions
docForm 103 Filing Instructions
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Recent changes in Indiana law now require taxpayers who file a Business Tangible Personal Property Return (103 Long, 103 Short, or 102 Farm) to complete the entire form.

The following are regularly absent from filed business personal property returns:

  • Principal Business Codes (see NAICS Business Activity Codes below)
  • Federal ID Numbers/Social Security Numbers
  • Taxpayer Signatures
  • Incomplete returns may result in fines pursuant to Indiana law IC 6-1.1- 37-7(d).

*All Form 102's and 103's need to be coded with whichever code best describes the business that the forms are being submitted for.

NAICS Code Search

Located on page one of the Business Tangible Personal Property Return (Forms 102 & 103), this is the same six-digit principal business activity code that appears in Schedule K, Line 2(a) of a corporation's federal income tax return.

Annually Assessed Mobile Homes

New! Click here to learn about changes to annually assessed mobile home process.

The true tax value of mobile homes assessed under IC 6-1.1-7 (other than mobile homes subject to the preferred valuation method under IC 6-1.1-4-39(b)) as the least of the values determined using the following:

  • The National Automobile Dealers Association Guide
  • The purchase price of a mobile home if:
    • the sale is of a commercial enterprise nature; and
    • the buyer and seller are not related by blood or marriage.
    • the sale date is within one (1) year prior to subsequent to the January 15 valuation date; or
  • Sales data for generally comparable mobile homes

Forms & Important Links

New! pdfMobile Home Permit
New! pdfNotice of Placing Mobile Home
New! pdfApplication for Certificate of Title
Mobile Home VIN Request (Submit Online!)
docMobile Home VIN Request
docMobile Home VIN Request (Spanish)
xlsMobile Home Owner Spreadsheet (Printable Version)
Mobile Home Deductions and Applications

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