The Election Board conducts educational meetings for all precinct election officials. Inspectors are required to attend one of these meetings. All poll workers are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings as part of their official Election Day duties.

» Training Schedules

Poll Worker training is held the two Saturdays prior to Election Day at the Allen County Main Library and Rousseau Centre at 1 E Main Street.

» 2016 Training Materials and Videos

                »pdfPoll Pad Start Up Guide

»pdf2016 Poll Worker Manual

»pdfVoting Machine Technical Manual

»pdfProvisional Ballot Training Supplement

» Inspector Training Materials

»pdfInspector Training Presentation

»pdfInspector Checklist-2016G

» Judge Training Materials

»pdfJudge Training Presentation

»pdfJudge Checklist-2016G

» Clerk Training Materials

»pdfClerk Training Presentation

»pdfClerk Checklist-2016G

»pdfClerk Reference Guide-2016G

Poll Pad Set Up

Scan Barcode Voter Look Up



Manual Voter Look Up

Repack Poll Pad for Return to Election Board


Setting up the Infinity Voting Machine

Opening the Polls

People at the Polls

Voter ID

Voting Process


Closing the Polls

Election Board

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M-F 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

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Election Board Members:
Lisbeth A. Borgmann
Thomas A. Hardin
Timothy M. Pape