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NEW! Repeal of Inheritance Tax (applicable to deaths after 12/31/2012)


pdfIH 6 - Indiana Inheritance Tax Return
pdfIH 6INST - Instructions for IH 6
pdfIH 14 - Application for Consent to Transfer
pdfIH 19 - Notice of Intended Transfer of Checking Account
pdfIH EXEM - Affidavit of No Inheritance Tax Due

Lisbeth A. Borgmann

Lisbeth A. Borgmann
Clerk of Courts

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Allen County Courthouse
715 S. Calhoun Street
Rm. 200A
Fort Wayne, IN 46802


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M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

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Clerk of Courts
Lisbeth A. Borgmann

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Christopher M. Nancarrow

Director of System Operations
Mary Giant

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Michele Koop