To review the Annual Tax Phase-In Analysis prepared by the Department of Planning Services, please click the link below.


pdf2021 Pay 2022 Tax Phase-In Analysis

pdf2019 Pay 2020 Tax Phase-In Analysis

pdf2018 Pay 2019 Tax Phase-In Analysis

pdf2017 Pay 2018 Tax Phase-In Analysis

pdf2016 Pay 2017 Tax Phase-In Analysis

pdf2015 Pay 2016 Tax Phase-In Analysis

pdf2014 Pay 2015 Tax Phase-In Analysis

pdf2013 pay 2014 Tax Phase-In Analysis

pdf2012 Pay 2013 Tax Phase-In Analysis

pdf2011 Pay 2012 Tax Abatement Analysis

pdf2010 Pay 2011 Tax Abatement Analysis

pdf2009 Pay 2010 Tax Abatement Analysis

pdf2008 Pay 2009 Tax Abatement Analysis


If you would like more information regarding Economic Development Programs and Incentives offered throughout the County, please visit the Department of Planning Services Economic Development page at the following link:  Economic Development Programs

You may select the link below to view and/or download the County Council Meeting Schedule.


pdf2023 Meeting Schedule

pdf2022 Meeting Schedule

Please select the link below to view the County Council Liaison Assignments.


xls2023 County Council Liaison Assignments

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