Water Quality Tips:

When it rains, much of the stormwater can go directly to a ditch, stream, pond or river without receiving any kind of water quality treatment.

That means that anything that is carried from your street or property by the rainwater may also go directly into a water body. As you landscape and care for your lawn, keep in mind these ideas to help keep our streams clean:

Clean Up the Clippings -- If grass clippings blow onto your driveway or into the street when you mow, sweep or blow them back onto the lawn. They provide a natural fertilizer for the grass. If clippings are allowed to wash into the storm drain they can clog the drain and may cause street flooding in the future.

Responsible Lawn Care -- When applying chemicals to your lawn, follow the manufacturer's directions to avoid overapplying and use a phosphorus-free fertilizer. If there is extra fertilizer or dirt on your driveway or sidewalk, sweep that back onto the lawn. If you hose down the driveway, water will carry these pollutants into the storm sewer. Fertilizer may cause algae to grow in local ponds or streams and can make it difficult for some species of plants and wildlife to live.

Only Rain in the Drain -- Never dump anything down a storm drain other than clean water! Remember that stormdrains are not trash cans. Household hazardous waste (HHW) such as motor oil, antifreeze and many cleaning agents should be disposed of properly at a HHW collection facility.

Don't be a Litter Bug -- Put trash in its place, or it could end up in our rivers and streams.

Pick Up Pet Waste -- Pick up your pet's waste and dispose of it in your toilet or trash so that it does not wash into the stormdrains.

The Allen County Partnership for Water Quality provides education, outreach, resources, and information concerning issues impacting the water quality of our streams and rivers. You can visit the Allen County Partnership for Water Quality website at http://www.acwater.org.


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