Frequently Asked Questions - Election Board - Mailed Absentee Ballots

FAQs - Election Board - Mailed Absentee Ballots

Any member of your household or your attorney-in-fact may drop off your absentee ballot at the Election Board office. They will be required to complete an affidavit and attach a copy of their power of attorney (if appropriate) with the Election Board office. 

If you have not yet returned your absentee ballot to the Election Board, you can take your ballot to the voting location, surrender it to the precinct Inspector who will mark it cancelled, and vote a regular ballot, if otherwise qualified.

All valid absentee ballots are counted. In fact, they are the first ballots counted on Election Day.

Voting by mailed ballots is a very secure way to vote. First, no ballot is prepared for a voter unless an approved application has been processed by a bi-partisan team of workers. Ballots and return envelopes are prepared for each absentee voter and have a unique barcode which identifies the voter the ballot was prepared for. The voter’s signature on the outside of the return envelope is matched to the voter’s signature on file when the ballot is returned. Ballots are not counted if they are not prepared on the proper type of ballot paper or do not include specific technical markings. Voters can track the status of their mailed ballot at the state’s website. Voters can also deliver their ballot directly to the Allen County Election Board office in person if they are concerned about delivery by the Post Office.

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