Finance and Budget Duties

The responsibilities of the Finance & Budget division of the Auditor's office are as follows:

  • Distribution of taxes/liens to the respected taxing unit or taxpayer.
  • Deposits all quietuses (from revenue) into appropriate funds
  • Budget preparation for County Council
  • Maintains cash ledger for all 40 departments including more than 240 funds
  • Processes additional appropriations and transfers
  • Maintains County financial statements
  • Processes Bond payments
  • Administers all funds and grants within the County
  • Audits and produces checks for all claims (commercial, jury, welfare, election, utility, employee reimbursement, tax refunds) for Accounts Payable
  • Prepares and issues 1099s
  • Tracks fund investments
  • Prepares Annual Report

Payroll Responsibilities:

  • Maintains County employee files including service records, job classification, and wage scales
  • Audits and pays all insurance bills
  • Prepares employee paychecks for all 40 departments
  • Maintains employee tax information (W-4s)
  • Advertises employee salaries annually
  • Withholds and makes payment of taxes to Federal Government and Indiana Department of Revenue
  • Maintains and makes quarterly payment to Public Employee's Retirement Fund (PERF)


Nicholas D. Jordan, CPA

 Auditor of Allen County

Auditor's Office

Contact Info

1 E Main Street, Suite 102
Rousseau Centre
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm

Phone: 260-449-7241
Fax: 260-449-7679

Nicholas D. Jordan, CPA
Finance and Budget Director
Jackie Scheuman, CPA
Property Tax Administrator
Renata Renninger