If You See Something - Say Something

If you see something

If you see something suspicious, contact our office or local law enforcement. If danger is imminent, call 911.  Our community is safer when we work together.

Summer Severe Weather Preparedness

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On August 24, 2016 shortly before 5:30 PM, an EF3 Tornado swept through Milan and Maumee Townships in Eastern Allen County.  This tornado had sustained winds of over 160 mph, was 500 yards wide and stayed on the ground for over five miles in Allen County before lifting back up and continuing its destructive path into Ohio.  More than twenty homes in Allen County were destroyed or significantly damaged causing nearly $1 Million dollars in personal property loss to Allen County residents.  Awareness, preparedness and immediate action helped to ensure that only minor injuries occurred during this significant event.  This storm tested the mettle of our residents in Eastern Allen County.  Their response showed the strength and resiliency of our Allen County residents. 

Severe weather can happen at any time in Indiana but the Summer months can be a particularly violent time for weather.  High daily temperatures and approaching cold fronts create an unstable atmosphere where conditions change rapidly - creating thunder storms – some capable of causing severe damage and threaten our personal safety.  Take some time today to learn about severe summer weather in Indiana.  Prepare yourself and your family to be Ready:  Whenever.  Wherever.