Nearly every aspect of our daily lives connects virtual networks. These networks power our homes, automobiles, offices, and schools.

This leads to great exposure and potential for disruption, interference, or illicit activity. We all need to take an active role in our cybersecurity. Our community needs a reliable, resilient, safe, and trusted cyberspace.


Check out the Indiana Cybersecurity Hub for resources to stay informed and safe online.

Get cybersecurity safety resources from the National Cybersecurity Alliance.

From the US Department of Homeland Security (US DHS)

Learn about the US DHS Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which provides information to secure our hometown.

Visit the US DHS cybersecurity awareness page (Stop. Think. Connect.) for general online safety tips. 

Find out about the US DHS Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) from CISA.

Learn CISA’s strategies to understand computer viruses and protect your home and business network.

Cybersecurity Tips

By learning computer security essentials and taking a few simple steps, each of us will:

  • improve the security of Indiana’s information infrastructure and economy
  • ensure our personal and/or our organization’s safety
  • protect important information

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