The Allen County Auditor's office processes a number of property tax deductions for Allen County homeowners. Applicable property tax deductions are applied to a property owners property assessment or tax bill and could result in a lower tax bill. Please read below to find out more information.

Apply for Deductions Online or In-Person
While all deduction applications can be submitted in-person at our office, you can also apply for the Homestead Deduction / Credit, the Mortgage Deduction, the Over 65 Deduction/Credit and the Blind or Disabled Deduction online. Follow the links below for all deduction forms and information.

Quick Reference: To learn more and apply for specific deductions please select the links below.

If you meet these conditions   You may be eligible for
this deduction

You own a home or are buying on a recorded contract, and use it as your primary place of residence.

You are buying property on a recorded mortgage or a recorded contract. REPEALED for 1/1/2023 assessment

You own property or a mobile home or are buying one on a recorded contract, and you are over the age of 65.


Homestead Deduction / Credit

Mortgage Deduction

Deduction for Persons over 65 or Surviving Spouses

You own property or are buying on a recorded contract, use it as your primary place of residence, and are blind or disabled.

  Deduction for Blind or Disabled Persons

You are a Disabled Veteran or a Veteran of World War I

You own a home that has a solar energy system or geothermal device.


Disabled Veteran Deduction

Solar Energy System/Geothermal Device Deduction

You are a builder and own a residence that is used as a Model Residence.

You are a builder and own a residence that is not used as a Model Residence but is a Residence in inventory.


Model Residence Deduction

Residence in Inventory Deduction

For more information about property tax deductions and credits, please select the link below:

pdfIndiana Property Tax Benefits

To remove a deduction you no longer qualify for please email the Auditor's Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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