The following applications, forms, and miscellaneous sheets may be required to comply with the Allen County Stormwater Management Ordinance.

docApplication for Stormwater Permit

Please use this application form when submitting the Stormwater Management Plans for a construction project. This form can be used for the full stormwater plan submittal or for those who wish to initially submit a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan/Site Grading Plan (Partial Plan) and take the multi-step stormwater permit approach. This form should also be used for Individual Non-Residential Lots with a land disturbance of 1 acre or more.

pdfAllen County Stormwater Plan Submittal Checklist

This document provides a listing of items that should be provided when submitting the Construction Stormwater Management Plans. Failure to provide these items with the plans could result in delays in project approvals.

pdfProject Site Owner Statement of Financial Responsibility Form

This form should be submitted to the Allen County Surveyor's Office when submitting the Stormwater Management Plans for a construction project and should be submitted for any project requiring an Application for Stormwater Permit Form.

docApplication for Preliminary Drainage Plan Review & Checklist Form

Please use this form when submitting conceptual drainage plans for review by the Allen County Surveyor's Office prior to the Plan Commission hearing. This is a review based on preliminary data and shall not be construed as a final drainage review or approval or considered binding on either party.

pdfCertification of Completion & Compliance Form

This form certifies that the completed storm drainage system and stormwater management facilities substantially comply with the construction plans and stormwater management permit as approved by the Allen County Surveyor's Office. This form should be sent to the Surveyor's Office with the As-built set of plans.

docConstruction Site Inspection Checklist for Trained Individuals

This checklist should be used by the individual in charge of implementing and inspecting the erosion and sediment control and stormwater pollution prevention plan requirements for the project site. The site should be inspected weekly or after a 0.5 inch rainfall. The Allen County Surveyor's Office will use the same checklist to conduct inspections of the project site.

docIndividual Lot Plot Plan Permit Request Form

Please use this application form when submitting an erosion control plan for an individual lot. This form should be submitted for the following scenarios:

  • For individual residential lots with a land disturbance of 1 acre or more.
  • For land disturbing activities on individual residential lots within a larger permitted project where a "verified" Notice of Termination was previously issued for the larger permitted project
  • For non-residential projects/lots with a land disturbance less than 1 acre

pdfIndividual Lot Typical Erosion & Sediment Control Plan

This document provides an example of a typical erosion and sediment control plan for an individual lot.

pdfIndividual Lot Operator Signature Form

This document is required for Online Electronic Individual Lot Plot Plan Permit Applications only (application submitted through county Accela online permitting process).

pdfIDEM Notice of Intent (NOI) Form

Please submit this form to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) once a Full or Partial Permit has been approved by the Allen County Surveyor's Office and a minimum of two business days prior to the initiation of land disturbing activities. A copy of this form must also be sent to the Allen County Surveyor's Office

pdfIDEM Notice of Termination (NOT) Form

Please submit this form to the Allen County Surveyor's Office for a project when all land disturbing activities, including construction on all building lots, have been completed and the entire site has been stabilized or when the project meets the IDEM requirements for early release. This signifies termination of the project owner's responsibilities with regard to the NPDES Stormwater permit.

pdfReport A Polluter Form

This form can be used to report an incidence of illegal dumping and illicit discharges that are being deposited into our storm drains and streams/rivers.

pdfMaintenance Agreement for Storm System

This agreement is required for projects with Post Construction facilities, such as detention basins and stormwater quality treatment systems, to certify that the facility will be constructed according to plan and that successors in interest to the facility will be responsible for the perpetual maintenance, repair, or replacement of the facility.

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